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Azure Portal 0

Azure Administration – Basic questions and answers (help to prepare interviews and respective certifications) – Part 1. Start with Azure Administration

Hi All, Greetings for the day 🙂 As on every weekend we share basic question – answers, interview questions. Today we are sharing some important AZURE Administration concepts. MUST read for Azure Administrators 🙂 STAY SAFE 🙂 STAY HOME 🙂

External user collaboration settings in Azure AD 1

Azure – Preparing exam SC–300 – Implement an identity management solution – Implement and manage external identities – Manage external collaboration settings in Azure Active Directory – Part 7

Continuing the preparation material for SC – 300 exam, we will discuss configuring external user collaboration setting in Azure AD

Azure Cloud Shell - Support to Python 0

Azure – Introduction to Azure Cloud Shell – support to various tools including Python

Hi All, In this article we will discuss one of the most important tool – Azure Cloud Shell for all who works on Azure 🙂

Azure App Service 1

Azure – Connect to Key Vault from .Net Core application using Managed Identity – Part2 – App Service – Creating App Service from Azure Portal

In the series of articles for using Managed Identity, in this article we will discuss Azure App Service.


Azure – Connect to Key Vault from .Net Core application using Managed Identity – Part1 – Introduction to Azure Key Vault

In our project we have scenario to use certificate and Azure app key secret. We are storing certificate and Azure key secret to Azure key vault.
So in this first article in series of article we will discuss what is Azure Key vault, how to create Key vault from Azure portal, Best practices to use Key vault.

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