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Power Platform – AI BUILDER – Use AI Builder model (Business Card Reader and use cases) in Power Apps (Canvas App) – Part 5

LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL 🙂 In this article we will discuss using OOB “Business Card Reader” AI model in our custom canvas App.

We will also discuss the user cases / scenarios for “Business Card Reader” AI model.


Power Platform – AI Builder – Model Types – Part 4

In this article we will discuss more about AI BUILDER Model types, which features currently available under AI Builder.

Main intention of this article is to understand AI Models / AI Model Types 🙂 So lets start the fun 🙂


Power Platform – AI Builder – Environments – Part 2

n last article Power Platform – AI Builder for beginners – Part 1 we started discussing Power Platform, AI Builder. My main focus is AI Builder. Before actually going to delve, lets discuss Environments first, which is again very important feature to understand while working with Power Platform.

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