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Welcome to Knowledge Junction (KJ). Thanks for visiting to KJ.

Here what you will get on KJ:^919E1FB3A799C606B39A5A4A972C9042EE9258282F632B8029^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr

  • Microsoft technical articles (SharePoint, Office 365, .NET, Database)
  • Solutions to your SharePoint / Office 365 queries
  • Latest technology updates
  • Latest technical news
  • Career news
  • Success Stories
  • Fitness Mantras
  • Interviews of successful peoples
  • Motivational articles
    1. Goal Setting
    2. Stress Management – How to live stress free life
    3. How to live Positive Life etc.

I am sure rather promise as we grow this list will keep increasing :). Our plan is to make a single portal where you will get most of the stuff. In above figure you will get an idea about feature plan. Many more stuff / features will be coming soon…

Meet Knowledge-Junction team :-
Prasham Sabadra: That’s me. Knowledge-Junction is my idea.


I am very passionate about

1. Microsoft technology specially SharePoint and Office 365. I love to share the knowledge, solve the issues, discuss and solve the customer real life problems with the help of technology.

2. Motivational stuff, success stories, solving practical problems of life, helping others. I read lots of motivational books which helps me to keep my passion live, to live life better and to help others to solve life problems. Which also helps me to keep focus on my goals and concentrate on only relevant stuff.

I love to speak on success, success formulas, if you want me to speak in any school / colleges on  success topics, Interview preparation, Career guidance  feel free to contact me.

3. Fitness and health. As saying “Health is Wealth“, to have successful life journey health comes first. Which includes exercises, proper diet, healthy habits, meditation and so on.

My sole purpose is to make this world better to live, unite and grow together and hence this blog.

Feel free to reach me on +91 7410017229 or psabadra@gmail.com

Manas Moharana: I am having 11+ years of experience in Microsoft technology especially SharePoint and Office 365.IMG_20171102_174038_HDR

I am involved in many projects from top to bottom.

Other than technical stuff, I love Indian food especially Odiya dishes :). I am fitness fanatic. I love to do workout and read blogs related to different workout techniques and diets plans. I have my own GYM in my house. Now I want to share my earnings (only Knowledge) with all of us using our Knowledge Junction platform.

Feel free to reach me on +91 9860231709 or manasmoharana@gmail.com


Robin (Ajay) Robert

Hi. Here’s a brief introduction of who I am, what I do

I am Robin Robert. Friends call me Rob. Family and relatives call me Ajay.

Primarily I am Data Specialist since a decade. Passionately I paint,  I play music, I cook, I draw.  I sketch using both classical and contemporary techniques. These include portraits, still life, landscapes & abstract works.

Art is something make you breath in different kind of happiness. Art is painting, drawing, cooking and working.

Feel free to reach me on +91 9764001339 or robys.canvas@gmail.com