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Installing Azure CLI on ubuntu 0

Ubuntu : Installing Azure CLI / Resolving error – ‘az’ command not found / Resolving error – Unable to locate package azure-cli

Hi All,

Greetings for the day 🙂 LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL 🙂

I am continuing working on DOCKER / Kubernates in between learning various new things so sharing 🙂

Today sharing – how to install AZURE CLI on Ubuntu box



Connecting Linux VM hosted in Azure from Windows 10 using RDP

Hi All, Greetings for the day 🙂 LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL 🙂 In one of the previous article – Connecting Linux VM from Windows 10 using puTTY we discussed how to connect Linux server using...

Azure Portal 0

Azure Administration – Basic questions and answers (help to prepare interviews and respective certifications) – Part 1. Start with Azure Administration

Hi All, Greetings for the day 🙂 As on every weekend we share basic question – answers, interview questions. Today we are sharing some important AZURE Administration concepts. MUST read for Azure Administrators 🙂 STAY SAFE 🙂 STAY HOME 🙂

Azure Cloud Shell - Support to Python 0

Azure – Introduction to Azure Cloud Shell – support to various tools including Python

Hi All, In this article we will discuss one of the most important tool – Azure Cloud Shell for all who works on Azure 🙂


Azure – Networking – Part 2 – Azure Virtual Network (Vnet)

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