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In this article i am going to share about the Document web part in SharePoint. How to add Document web part, How to edit Document web part.


  • When we add a modern page to a site we add and customize web parts, which are the building blocks of our page.
  • we can add text, images, files, videos, dynamic content and more using the web part.
  • When we use the document library web part, we can choose to show a specific view of the library or even a folder within the library.
  • Users with appropriate permissions can add, view or edit files directly from the web part.
  • Users can also pin a document to the top of the library, download, delete and rename files, or can go the full document library by clicking See all.
M365 - Document Web Part
M365 – Document Web Part

How to Add Document Web Part

Step 1

  • If we wont to add new Document web part then click on a line with a circled +,like this
M365 - Add Web Part
M365 – Add Web Part
  • We can quickly find the web part from search option. There’s the divider , file viewer and images on the text ,media , and content category.
  • While communication and collaboration category includes events ,Microsoft Forms, and news web part.
  • There are some web parts still in preview like the document library and list we parts listed under the discovery category.
M365 – Search Document Web Part

Step 2

  • Click on Document Library.
M365 - Document Library
M365 – Document Library

How to add Document in Document library

  • Click on Document
  • Click on New from new option we can create new Folder or new Word Document ,Excel PowerBook , PowerPoint Presentation , OneNote notebook ,Visio Drawing etc.
  • From Upload option we can upload files and folders to the Document web part.
  • From Export to Excel option we can export the Document to the Excel
M365 – New Option
  • From All Document option we can set the view of Document web Part such as if we want to set the document as a list type the we have to select list option.
M365 – List Of Option
  • We can see our created Document in the list of Document Web Part.

How to Edit Document Web Part

Step 1

  • To Edit Document web part click on Edit option appear on right corner of site page.

Step 2

  • Click on pencil option appear in the left hand side of the web part.
M365 - Edit Document Web Part
M365 – Edit Document Web Part
  • After Click on edit option we can edit the web part.
  • If we want to Display Site Pages ,Form Template , style Library , Documents appear on front in Document web part in list format then we can select this from Document Library option.
M365 – Document Library
  • Then We can set the other properties of Document library section such as view –  All pages it shows all pages from the site ,By author it shows pages created by author ,By editor and recent changes.
M365 - View By Category
M365 – View By Category
  • We can search the folder from search option.
M365 - Search Folder
M365 – Search Folder
  • We can set the size of folder.
M365 – Folder Size
  • We can hide or show command bar for that particular page.
  • As like Comment Bar we hide or show See All button. From this button we can see more option or information about particular page.
M365 - Edit Option
M365 – Edit Option

Step 3

  • After All changes done we have to republish the site page to appear the changes on site page.
M365 - Republish Web Part
M365 – Republish Web Part

Hope you understand about the document web part.

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