Dictionary in python

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Before going through the actual content, i.e., the implementation of a dictionary, it is essential to know some fundamental .

Let’s start :
“Python dictionary is an unordered collection of items. Each item of the dictionary has a key and value pair/ key-value pair.” Dictionaries may look similar to a “List”. Still, have some distinct features Dictionary is nothing but key value pairs .0

some important features of a python dictionary:

1) It is unordered (no sequence is required – data or entries have no order)
2) It is mutable (values can be changed )
3) It is indexed (Dictionary contains key-value pairs, and indexing is done with keys.)

Some distinct features of dictionary are:

1) can store heterogeneous data into our dictionary Such as numbers, strings, tuples & the other stored in dictionary
2)Different data types can be used in a single list making the value of some keys in the dictionary.

1) Type dictionary

2) When you changes the brackets the type of class also change have a look

3) To access the dictionary

4) we can make dictionary in dictionary lets see

5) I hope you all get it Lets have more with simple example “how to add items in dictionary ” just put the dictionary name suppose dictionary name[ ]=”” it well be added

6) To delete

7) To update

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