Python List and List function

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Python lists are containers used to store a list of values of any data type. In simple words, we can say that a list is a collection of elements from any data type. E.g.
list1 = [‘Isha’, ‘Sayali’, ‘Nikita’, ‘Aarti’, 5, 4.85]

The above list contains strings, an integer, and even an element of type float. A list can contain any kind of data, i.e., it’s not mandatory to form a list of only one data type. The list can contain any kind of data in it.

1) To put the list .

2) To access list

3) To sort the list means it will be in order

4) To reverse the list

5) slicing just same as we see earlier

6) Extended slice is by default value is 1 [ : : 1 ] is not written work same as 1 so its value is 1 if we take -1 all no written in reverse same as we see earlier in . If you don’t know about the slicing then read the article then also have a doubt then comment . I will try my level to solve

7) Just an recall to some concepts min, max, len

8) Append function (to joint at the end)

9) Insert function

10) Remove function

11) Pop function (remove the last element )

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