Azure PowerShell – Knowing the basics and starting with few important CMDLETS

PowerShell Module - Get-Help CMDLET
PowerShell Module - Get-Help CMDLET

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Today I will share bit about Azure PowerShell

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Azure PowerShell :

  • Azure PowerShell is a set of cmdlets for managing Azure resources directly from the PowerShell command line
  • Azure PowerShell written in .Net standard
  • Azure PowerShell works with PowerShell 5.1 on Windows, PowerShell 7.0.6 LTS and PowerShell 7.1.3 or higher on all platforms

PowerShell CMDLET :

  • PowerShell CMDLET is PowerShell command
  • A CMDLET is a command for single purpose
  • Cmdlets follow a verb-noun naming convention; for example, Get-Process
  • The Get-Help cmdlet displays the help file for any cmdlet. For example, we could get help on the Get-Module cmdlet with the following statement:
Get-Help Get-Module -detailed

PowerShell Module - Get-Help CMDLET
Fig : PowerShell Module – Get-Help CMDLET

PowerShell Module :

  • CMDLETS comes with PowerShell Module
  • A PowerShell Module is a DLL which contains the code to process each available cmdlet
  • In PowerShell we load CMDLET by loading the respective module
  • Using “Get-Module” we can get list of loaded modules

PowerShell Module - executing 'Get-Module' CMDLET to know the list of loaded module in PowerShell ISE
Fig : PowerShell Module – executing ‘Get-Module’ CMDLET to know the list of loaded module in PowerShell ISE

Az module

  • Az is Azure PowerShell module
  • Az module contains all the CMDLETS to work with Azure features
  • With Az PowerShell module we can work with almost all the resources of Azure
  • We could install Az module using Install-Module CMDLET
Install-Module -Name Az

PowerShell Module - Installing Azure PowerShell module
Fig : PowerShell Module – Installing Azure PowerShell module
  • The above CMDLET will install the Az module for all users
  • If Azure module is already installed we can update latest version by using Update-Module CMDLET
Update-Module -Name Az

To connect Azure Subscription – “Connect-AzAccount– prompts for Azure credentials and connects to Azure subscription


To get all list of all subscriptions – Get-AzSubscription


To know the current Azure Subscription we use Get-AzContext

PowerShell Module - Knowing the current subscription
Fig: PowerShell Module – Knowing the current subscription

To change the current Azure subscription we will use – Select-AzSubscription

Select-AzSubscription -SubscriptionId <Subscription ID>

To fetch all list of resource groups in active subscription


Creating new resource group

New-AzResourceGroup -Name <name> -Location <location>

To create new VM

New-AzVm -ResourceGroupName "KnowledgeJunctionResourceGroup" -Name "KnowledgeJunction" -Image "UbuntuLTSKnowledgeJunction" -Credential <credentials object> -Location <location>

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