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Today in this article we are discussing about the Sprites in Scratch

Sprites, either user-created, uploaded, or found in the spites library, are the object that perform actions in a scratch project. While the Stage can also be programmed in a project, most projects have at least one sprite as well because only sprites can move. Some sprites only appeared in 1.4 and other 1.x versions, but can be used in 2.0 through making a project with the 1.4 offline editor, then logging into the Scratch website and editing the project from there.8il./

Fig-Scratch sprite
Fig-Scratch sprite

How to create a sprite

  • The search button allows one to choose a sprite from the library
  • The paintbrush button creates a blank sprite with an empty costume.
  • The surprise button creates a random sprite.
  • The upload button allows one to upload a sprite from the computer.
Fig-sprite created with paint editor

Sprite Pack

A sprite pack is a type of project that contains sprites for usage of other users, usually consisting of 10-30 sprites. However, there is no set limit of sprites for sprite packs. A sprite pack usually has a theme, but does not require one. Example themes include cars, dogs, dinosaurs, etc. A sprite pack can also contain sprites from existing video games.

Ideally, a user should give credit if they use a sprite from someone else’s sprite pack, animation, game, or any other project.

A sprite pack may also be called a sprite collection, but they are the same type of thing. Sprite Packs can also be found on other websites, but they must be ripped from a sprite sheet.

Changing the Default Sprite

By default, creating a new project will provide a sprite with an image of the Scratch cat without any scripts. This can only be changed in Scratch 1.4 by creating your own sprite, exporting it under the name default. sprite, and placing it in the costumes folder.

Random Sprite Button

The Random Sprite Button was a feature that existed within the Scratch Editor, which allowed Scratchers to get a random sprite upon clicking the button. It was removed in Scratch 2.0. It came back in 3.0 as the Surprise button.

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