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On every weekend we are starting sharing basic question and answers (may help to prepare interview , certifications, migration, help to understand basic concepts…) related to Microsoft cloud technologies (Azure, Azure AD, SharePoint, Microsoft 365, Teams, Power Platform and so on).

In this article I’ll share some questions related to Azure, introductory concepts .

In last couple of articles we shared some basic / interview questions related to

What is Azure

  • Azure is Microsoft’s public and private cloud platform
  • Azure offers a large collection of services including
    • platform as a service (PaaS),
    • infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and
    • managed database service capabilities

What is Azure Subscription

  • A subscription is group of user accounts and the resources which those user groups have created
  • For each subscription we have limit or quota for the number of resources we can create and use
  • To use Azure we need Azure Subscription
  • A subscription provides us with authenticated and authorized access to Azure products and services.
  • It also allows us to provision resources
  • An Azure subscription is a logical unit of Azure services that links to an Azure account, which is an identity in Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) or in a directory that Azure AD trusts
  • An account can have one subscription or multiple subscriptions that have different billing models and to which you apply different access-management policies
  • Subscriptions also have some resource limitations.
  • The maximum number of network Azure ExpressRoute circuits per subscription is 10

What is Azure Account

  • The email address that we provide when we create an Azure subscription is the Azure account for the subscription
  • When you create an Azure account, you provide contact information and billing details, like a credit card
  • We can use the same Azure account (email address) for multiple subscriptions
  • Each subscription is associated with only one Azure account

What are resources in Azure

  • Resources are instances of services which we create like SQL databases, Storage, Virtual machines, App Services etc

What is resource group

  • Resources are combined into resource groups
  • Resources groups are like logical container into which Azure resources like web apps, databases, and storage accounts are deployed and managed
  • The resource group includes resources that we want to manage as a group
  • All resources must be in a resource group
  • Resource can only be a member of a single resource group
  • Resource groups can’t be nested
  • For resource can be provisioned, we need a resource group for it to be placed in
  • If we delete a resource group, all resources contained within it are also deleted

What are management group in Azure

  • Management group helps to manage access, policy and compliance for multiple subscriptions
  • All subscriptions within a management group automatically inherit the conditions applied to the management group
  • Example, we can apply policies to a management group that limits the regions available for VM creation. This policy would be applied to all management groups, subscriptions, and resources under that management group by only allowing VMs to be created in that region

What is Azure Region

  • A region is a geographical area on the planet that contains at least one but potentially multiple datacenters that are nearby and networked together with a low-latency network
  • When we deploy a resource in Azure, we’ll often need to choose the region where you want your resource deployed
  • A few examples of regions are West US, Canada Central, West Europe, Australia East, and Japan West

What is an availability zone

  • Availability zones are physically separate datacenters within an Azure region
  • Each availability zone is made up of one or more datacenters equipped with independent power, cooling, and networking
  • An availability zone is set up to be an isolation boundary.
  • If one zone goes down, the other continues working.
  • Availability zones are connected through high-speed, private fiber-optic networks
  • Availability zones are created by using one or more datacenters

What is Azure Marketplace

  • Azure Marketplace is an online store that hosts applications that are certified and optimized to run in Azure
  • Many types of applications are available, ranging from AI and machine learning to web applications

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