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We have very good series going on Azure DevOps. If you want to start learning Azure DevOps please go through following articles. We are trying to cover from basics to all the topics. This series will continue.

Following are the articles till now we have

  1. Introductory part of Azure DevOps – Introduction of Azure DevOps
  2. Organizations in Azure DevOps – What are Azure DevOps Organizations, how to create Organizations, permissions etc. 
  3. Microsoft Azure DevOps – Deleting and Recovering Organization
  4. Microsoft Azure DevOps – Projects – What are Azure DevOps Projects, how to create Projects, permissions etc. 
  5. Microsoft Azure DevOps – Types of Projects – Public project, Private project 
  6. Microsoft Azure DevOps – Project settings
  7. Microsoft Azure DevOps – Deleting and Recovering Projects
  8. Azure DevOps – REST APIs – Part 1 – for Projects
  9. Azure DevOps – REST APIs – Part 2 – Creating Personal Access Tokens (PATs)
  10. Microsoft Azure DevOps – REST APIs – Part 3 – Personal Access Tokens (PATs) – “Revoke”, “Edit” and “Regenerate” operations
  11. Microsoft Azure DevOps – Boards
  12. Microsoft Azure DevOps – Create a Wiki for your project
  13. Microsoft Azure DevOps – Boards – Work Items
  14. Azure DevOps – Resolving error “The identity ‘ ‘ for the field ‘Assigned To’ is not in the scope of this organization”

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