Microsoft Azure DevOps – Types of Projects

Azure DevOps Project Types
Azure DevOps Project Types

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Background: We have started discussing Azure DevOps. In last four articles of Azure DevOps we discussed

In this article we will move ahead and will discuss Microsoft Azure DevOps Project types.

Take away from this article: At the end of this article we will got to know about

  • What are Microsoft Azure DevOps project types
  • What features are available / unavailable for non-members of the Azure DevOps project
  • Scenarios for Azure DevOps project types – when to use which project type

Prerequisites :

  • We need Azure DevOps organization for creating Azure DevOps project
  • User must be a member of the Project Collection Administrators group or have the Create new projects permission set to Allow.

Types of Azure DevOps projects :

  • There are two types of Projects we can create – while creating new project we have option as
Azure DevOps - Project Types
Fig : Azure DevOps – Project Types
  • Public Project –
    • Public project doesn’t require user sign in to access Azure DevOps services
    • Without user sign in, user gets read only access to the Azure DevOps services
    • This means these users are not actual members of the project
    • These non-members have limited access to Azure Dev-Ops services. They don’t have access to all the services.
    • Following are the features which non-members have read only access and features which are hidden :
      • Browse the code base, download code, view commits, branches, and pull requests are available
      • View and filter work items are available
      • View a project page or dashboard are available
      • View the project Wiki is available
      • Azure Boards – Only Work items are available. BacklogsBoardsSprintsQueries, and Plans are hidden.
      • Azure PipelinesBuilds and Releases are available. LibraryTask GroupsDeployment GroupsPackages, and XAML build system are hidden. Pipeline and task editors for build and release pipelines are unavailable. Only the new Releases* page, which is in Public preview, is available.
      • Azure Test PlansTest Plans and its associated manual and cloud load testing features are hidden.
      • AnalyticsAnalytics views is hidden, and the Analytics OData feed is not supported for non-members.
      • Settings and administrative pages are hidden.
      • Azure Artifacts – Favoriting and following existing artifacts is not possible
  • Private Project –
    • For private projects we need to add users and give access to the project
    • User need to sign in to the Azure DevOps to access the project and respective services

Scenarios for Azure DevOps project types :

  • Create public project when we need to share our code with other developers for reviewing code or for getting feedback only.
  • Create public project to support continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) of open-source software.

We will stop here. In next upcoming article we will discuss more about Organizations and Project settings.

We have very good series going on Azure DevOps. Please have a look once –

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