Deprecated feature in SharePoint 2019

Introduction: In this blog will discuss about the Deprecated feature in SharePoint server 2019.

Followings are the Deprecated and Removed feature in SharePoint server 2019.

A. Deprecated feature

Deprecated features are still currently supported in SharePoint Server 2019 for organizations who already use this feature but the deprecated features may be removed in any of the future major releases with no additional notice. So, you may have some feature today, and tomorrow when the next patch comes out, it could disappear      

Will check all deprecated feature.

  1. Access services (2010 and 2013):

TheAccess Services 2010 deprecated but remain supported.  So, Microsoft recommends the customers use the Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate  as alternatives for Access Services.

For more information refer below links

2. Aggregated Newsfeed

This feature is deprecated but still available in read only mode. Customers who are currently using the aggregated newsfeed, Microsoft recommend considering options such as Team News, Communication Sites, Yammer and/or Teams. The Site Feed feature on an individual site is not impacted and will continue to be supported across all versions of the product.

3. Custom help

Microsoft moving away from the legacy on-premises SharePoint help engine, which is based on help collections being installed in the on-prem farm. Custom help based on the legacy SharePoint help engine will remain supported, but deprecated, for the SharePoint Server 2019 release.       

4. Groove Sync App

The Groove sync app will be deprecated but remain supported, for the SharePoint Server 2019 release. The Groove sync app is used for syncing documents between the SharePoint server and personal device. In SharePoint server 2019 introduces support for the new OneDrive app, which provides a more reliable and feature-rich syncing experience.

5. InfoPath Services

The InfoPath service is deprecated but Services will remain supported. Microsoft advised to the customer explore alternatives for this feature. Microsoft will ensure that the InfoPath 2013 client will work with SharePoint Server 2019 for the remainder of the client support lifecycle (2026). InfoPath 2013 client will not be supported beyond that timeframe

6. Machine Translations (and Variations)

The Machine Translation Service will remain supported but deprecated for the SharePoint Server 2019 release.

7. SharePoint Designer

Microsoft SharePoint Designer (SPD), formerly known as Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer. Microsoft will ensure that SharePoint Designer 2013 will work with SharePoint Server 2019 for the remainder of the client support lifecycle (2026). SharePoint Designer 2013 will not be supported beyond that timeframe.

8.PerformancePoint Services

PerformancePoint Services will remain supported, but deprecated, for the SharePoint Server 2019. Microsoft recommended to the customer explore Microsoft PowerBI as an alternative to PerformancePoint Services.

9. Site Manager

The Site Manager feature will be supported, but it is deprecated in SharePoint Server 2019.The main functionality of Site Manager is now available in “Modern file move to”.

10. Lists Web Service

The above SOAP endpoints in the Lists web service depend on the Microsoft Sync Framework, which was necessary to support the Groove sync app. but the Groove sync app is now a deprecated feature, these SOAP endpoints are also being deprecated for the SharePoint Server 2019.

B. Removed features:

A removed feature is no longer supported by Microsoft in SharePoint Server 2019. A feature labelled as “removed” is unsupported even if the feature is still present in the product.

  1.  Code-Based Sandbox Solutions

Sandbox solutions are customization packages that can be used to deploy customizations to SharePoint on the site collection level. Support for code-based sandbox solutions will be removed from SharePoint 2019.

Microsoft recommended to explore SharePoint add-ins as an alternative, which are fully supported for both SharePoint on-premises and SharePoint Online.

For more details on SharePoint add-ins please referee below URL

2. Digest Authentication

Digest authentication is a method which is an enhanced version of Single factor Authentication.

Microsoft recommends to users who are still using Digest authentication.  Move into alternatives such as Kerberos, NTML, SAML etc.

3. Incoming email automatic mode

Microsoft is deprecating the IIS 6 Management compatibility features in Internet Information Services (IIS). The automatic mode of the SharePoint incoming email feature relies on IIS 6 APIs to manage the IIS SMTP service.

There are no alternative APIs that exist to manage the IIS SMTP service, so Microsoft is removing support for the automatic mode in the incoming email feature of SharePoint Server 2019. Microsoft recommended to the customer to use advanced mode instead, which allows you to manually manage the IIS SMTP service and drop folder.

4. Multi-Tenancy

Microsoft continues to innovate in SharePoint Online, an increasing amount of SharePoint multi-tenancy capabilities are building dependencies on cloud technologies that aren’t available in on-premises environments. The cost and complexity of providing an on-premises alternative has become too expensive, so it will not be available in the SharePoint 2019.

5. Visio Services – Silverlight Based Rendering

Microsoft Silverlight-based and PNG-based options are used for rendering Visio diagrams and as Microsoft has already stated that the Microsoft Silverlight will no longer be supported. This means that, Silverlight-based rendering will no longer be supported in SharePoint Server 2019. Visio Services will only render Visio diagrams using the PNG-based technology.

6. Tags and Notes

The Tags and Notes feature has been removed from SharePoint Server 2019. This means that users cannot create new tags and notes or access any existing ones.

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