M365 – SharePoint Online: List Creation from UI – New options available – From Excel

Figure 2: M365 >> SharePoint Online >> New options while creating list
Figure 2: M365 >> SharePoint Online >> New options while creating list

In this article we will discuss new options available while creating list in SharePoint Online

Background: I need to create a list in one of my communication site. So, when I went to “Site contents >> + New >> List as shown in below figure 1, find out the new options like “From Excel” and “From an existing list” as shown in below figure 2. So thought to explore those.

Figure 1: M365 >> SharePoint Online >> Creating a list in communication site

Figure 2: M365 >> SharePoint Online >> New options while creating list

Details: In this article we will try to explore the option – “From Excel”. So when we click on “From Excel” option, it allows us to select from the recent uploaded excel sheets as shown in below Figure 3

Figure 3: M365 >> SharePoint Online >> New options while creating list – Creating a list “From Excel”

Once we selected the respective excel file, click on the “Next” button available at bottom. As we move to next step, progress bar appears as

Figure 4: M365 >> SharePoint Online >> Progress bar after selecting Excel for creating list

Basically, it searches tables in the Excel. The “Employee_List” excel which I uploaded in which I forgot to create the table and got the detailed message with the steps which I need to perform in Excel to create the table as

Figure 5: M365 >> SharePoint Online >>Select Table message if there is no table created in Excel which we selected for creating the list

So next step is to edit our Excel. I went the Excel, select the row titles and content, from the ribbon selected option “Format as Table” as shown in below figure 6

Figure 6: M365 >> SharePoint Online >> Defining the table in Excel from which we need to create the list

Saved the excel and uploaded again. Once Excel uploaded successfully, clicked on “Refresh” button as shown in above Figure 5. Once “Refresh” button is clicked “Create a list” option will appear as

Figure 7:  M365 >> SharePoint Online >> “Create a list” page

As per above figure, we need to

  1. Specify the list name, here “Employee”
  2. Select the table from the excel for which we need to create the list, here “Table1”
  3. By default, as per excel data, column types are chosen but we can change those.

Once we have entered the list name, “Create” button get enabled. Once we clicked on “Create” button progress bar will appear as

Figure 8: M365 >> SharePoint Online >>”Create a list” progress bar

Once list created successfully, we will be redirected to list page as

Figure 9: M365 >> SharePoint Online >> “Employee” list created

This is nice and very useful option.

In next article we will discuss the option creating a list from – Existing list.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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