SharePoint 2013 – On Premises – PowerShell script to import termsets on given site from .CSV file in specific folder.

Hi All,

In this article I’ll explain how to import multiple termsets using .CSV file from one specific folder. Means, all .CSV files (one .CSV file for one termset) are in one folder. PowerShell script will read all the .CSV files from given folder one by one and will import to the term store.
We will also check if group is already exists or not, if not then we will create new group.

I was trying to import multiple termsets from one import file (.CSV file) and after long time I realized that this is not possible. Through one import file (.CSV file) we can import only one termset. So if I have multiple termsets to import either I need to create multiple .CSV files or change one .CSV file multiple times.

In our project we need to check in the .CSV files for termsets to TFS so we decided to create the multiple .CSV files. And because of this, this article came.


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