Azure – Parameter ‘’ is not allowed error in ARM Template deployment

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Yesterday , I was working on, How to Create and Deploy Azure Resource Manager Template using Azure Portal. In our use-case, we had to deploy  ARM template to our target resource group. During deployment,  we got our first issue as ”’ is not allowed ” as shown in following figure. Not Allowed Issue

Figure 1: Azure  –’ is not allowed

After getting the above error, when we clicked on the operations details we found the following details.

  "error": {
    "code": "InvalidParameter",
    "target": "",
    "message": "Parameter '' is not allowed."

After googling a lot we found that we need to do some more modification to the template.json file . We  have to  delete one  line from our template. This is the issue of OS disk id. To fix this issue , we simple removed the id property of OsDisk, as shown in the following figure. Not Allowed Issue fixes Figure 2: Azure  –’ is not allowed issue fixed

After removing the id property, we redeploy the template and we  proceed by one step.

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