Azure – Microsoft is retiring exam 70-532 on December 31 2018

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Few days back, we came to know that, Microsoft is retiring exam 70-532 : Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions soon. As we can see the following information from Microsoft page.

“IMPORTANT: Microsoft is making significant changes to this certification. To learn more, see the blog post on role-based certification on Microsoft Learning Community. As a result, exam 532 will be replaced with two new exams that cover the Azure Developer job role more extensively than this exam does. To support these changes, we are retiring exam 532 on December 31, 2018.”

This information is already there on Internet long time back. But we thought, we should also share this information though this platform (Knowledge Junction).So that, people following this platform, would get help to make sure, for what they are preparing.

This link provide information about this news and also details about exam 70-532 : Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions.
Following two links provide information abbot new Exams, which replacing the old exam 70-532.

As per Microsoft, If we have taken this exam 70-532 : Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions and want to transition to the new Azure Developer certification, we should take Exam AZ-202: Microsoft Azure Developer Certification Transition.

Hope the above information helps you to decide, how should proceed with Azure Certification.

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