Azure – Create An Azure Storage Account

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This is our part-3 post on Azure Exam : Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions. Our last post was on, Managing Azure Virtual Machine Disks.

Today in this blog, we will discuss, how to create Azure storage account. So let’s go through the post for detail steps.

  1. Connect to your Azure portal dashboard using your subscription account. If you don’t have any subscription, in that case you can get trial Azure subscription with one-month of validity. Then you can connect to the azure portal dashboard as in following figure.Azure portal dashboard
    Figure 1: Azure Certification – portal dashboard
  2. Once we are on the portal dashboard, click on Storage Account link from let menu.It will lists all existing storage accounts.Sometimes in new azure dashboard, the Storage Account option not visible.In that case we need to go to all services and from Storage section, pin the Storage Account option to dashboard.Once it is visible on the dashboard , click on the Storage Account link, as shown in the following figure.List of Storage Accounts
    Figure 2: Azure Certification – Storage Accounts
  3. To create a new storage account, click on Add button, as shown in the following figure.create new storage account 1
    Figure 3: Azure Certification – Create new storage account 1
  4. We need to provide all required information as per the requirement like, Resource Group, Storage Account Name,Location Performance,Replication etc, as shown in the following figure.create new storage account 1
    Figure 4: Azure Certification – Create new storage account 1
  5. In case of performance we have two options, we should choose Premium, if we want this storage account should support SSD. More information can be found in the following figure.
    !–more–>selection of performance
    Figure 5: Azure Certification – Selection of Performance
  6. Same as performance we have choose Replication,by default it is LRS. Which guaranty of high availability by maintaining 3 copy of data.More information can be found in the following figure.
    selection of REplication
    Figure 6: Azure Certification – Selection of Replication
  7. Once we provide all required information, click Review + Create.It will first verify all provided information and ask us to click the Create button if verification passed as shown in the following figure.
    Figure 7: Azure Certification – provided input pass the verification.
  8. After click the Create button, it will take some time to create the Azure storage account and send successfully deployed message on the page, as shown in the following figure.
    Deployed successfully
    Figure 8: Azure Certification – Deployed successfully.
  9. Once we got the successful message, go back and click Azure Storage Account link and click on newly created Azure storage account. It will show the overview of the newly created storage account, as shown in the following figure.
    New storage account overview
    Figure 9: Azure Certification – New storage account overview.

I hope this blog, gives you basic understanding about Azure storage account.

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