Success – Handling Stress

Recently, I was reading one news paper and one of the article catch my attention, which is related to stress.

News is: Stress increasing the health-related problem. Then there is a note from doctor is “Nowadays stress is one of the major reason for health-related problem and these problems can be found in all kind of age groups.” Statistics given in the newspaper says that around 80% people in the world are suffering because only of stress.

Then I research bit over the net and I surprised, I found that because of Stress there is long list of health-related problem including High Blood Pressure, Increase in blood cholesterol, Heart Attack, Asthma, Obesity, Diabetes, Headaches, Depression, anxiety and so on.

Finally, I decided to write on Stress. I very well understand that one article will not help much but at least starting and will continue, will like support from all my readers, need more discussions. I am strong believer – “LIFE IS VERY BEAUTIFUL” and we must contribute in any way make this world beautiful, tension free and happy to live.

I very well understand that this is very huge topic and lot of research is already going on there but still I am trying since there is huge need to discuss this concept as much as possible, let aware the world about this as much as possible.

Let’s start with What is Stress:

Oxford dictionary meaning of Stress: Pressure or tension exerted on an object.  A state of mental or emotional strain. Subject to pressure, tension or strain

Reasons for stress:

There are various reasons of STRESS. Starting with “HIGH EXPECTATION”, COMPETITION, PRESSUREFAILURES, WORRY etc. I’ll try to explain few of these here.

HIGH EXPECTATION: We must keep high expectation from our self, no doubt in that. High expectation related to our passion only, which we enjoy a lot and gives satisfaction to our self and move ahead towards our goal. Nothing wipes our tears away but our own hands

But it shouldn’t be unnecessary pressure from the others, from parents, from relatives, from society and so on. We must define our own definition of SUCCESS. We must set our own goals and continuously try for those till those are not achieved and once achieved then setting new goals. While trying its irrespective if we fail in between our only job is to try continuously.

FAILURE is stepping stone for the SUCCESS. Even God can not make two mountains without a valley in between.

I understand in real life for most/some of us this doesn’t work. May be our job is different and our hobby / passion is different. But then this we need to handle very intelligently. We must try to get job / work / business in which we have interest or change our passion, create our interest in our current job.

Here I will say regarding myself, I am an IT professional, working on SharePoint / Office 365, but my passion is motivational speeches, solving real life problem, helping others, writing motivational / behavioral articles. Here, I created interest in SharePoint, I am very passionate about SharePoint / Office 365, I like to work on it and then I fulfil my other original passion by writing motivational / behavioral articles. Taking sessions on those. Remember, no hero without a wound.

WORRY: Why to worry? Whatever happen past is past, we can not do anything about it. It’s no use crying over split milk. Let bygones be bygones. What will happen in feature, we don’t have control over it. We must only live in our presence with our presence of mind. That means whatever best we can do it now irrespective of whatever situation is. Every tree feels the force of the wind.


Fig 1 : SUCCESS – LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL : Not to Worry – Today is good day

How to handle STRESS:

In any case live in presence. Don’t take burden of anything. Remember “EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING FOR BETTER US”. It is not that the well is too deep, but rather rope is too short.


Set your own GOALS and live for them. Don’t live for other goals by comparing yourself with others.

Never give up hope. Induce courage and bounce back. It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

Remember we are unique and we have our own unique path for our life’s journey. Life is ladder – some will climb up it, others down.

Exercise daily. Health first. Be fit and active.

I’ll stop here today, but definitely will come up with more research and more sharing 🙂


Fig 2 : SUCCESS – LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL : Keep Smiling

Thanks for reading 🙂

Keep reading, share your thoughts, experiences. Feel free to contact us to discuss more. If you have any suggestion / feedback / doubt, you are most welcome.

Stay tuned on Knowledge-Junction, will come up with more such articles.

Prasham Sabadra

LIFE IS VERY BEAUTIFUL :) ENJOY THE WHOLE JOURNEY :) Founder of Knowledge Junction and, Author, Learner, Passionate Techie, avid reader. Certified Professional Workshop Facilitator / Public Speaker. Scrum Foundation Professional certificated. Motivational, Behavioral , Technical speaker. Speaks in various events including SharePoint Saturdays, Boot camps, Collages / Schools, local chapter. Can reach me for Microsoft 365, Azure, DevOps, SharePoint, Teams, Power Platform, JavaScript.

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