Office 365 – Modern Team Sites / Office 365 group – Few findings related to user management

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Today, I’ll share few findings related to user management for classic sites and modern team sites. There is bit difference in user management in classic sites and modern team sites. As we know every modern team site creates the Office 365 Group behind the scene. So, while governing the modern team sites we also need to consider the respective Office 365 group created.

In classic site we have direct option to add as Site collecting Administrator. If we go to “Settings menu >> Site Settings >> Users and Permissions >> Site collection administrators“, we can add the Site collection administrators for the classic sites.

If we go to Modern Teams sites, Settings Menu >> Site information >> View all site settings” we don’t have Users and Permission menu there as

fig 0 - No Users and permission option for modern team sites
Fig 1: Office 365 – Modern Team Sites – No “Users and Permission” option on Site Settings page

But if we can go to permission page then we have option for “Site collection Administrators – “Settings menu >> Site permissions >> Advance permission settings >> Site collection Administrators” as

Fig 2: Office 365 – Modern Team Sites – “Site collection Administrator” option


Adding “Site collection Administrator” from the above option give permissions to user only to the SharePoint modern team site and not to the Office 365 Group created. This situation becomes difficult when we need to manage the governance for the modern team sites or Office 365 groups. I believe Permissions to the Modern team sites and respective Office 365 groups should be in sync.

There are two ways to add team owners / members – either from site itself or from Outlook. Here we will discuss adding owners / members to the team sites from the UI and those will be synchronized for the respective Office 365 group.

So, to have the users permission to modern team site and group as well we need to add either group owner or group member. To add group member following art the steps from the team site:

  1. On the front page there is link to see members as 

    fig1-From UI Members
    Fig 3: Office 365 – Modern Team Sites – Adding Team owners/members – Office 365 Group owners/members
  2. Click on the members link, side page will show all the team members and owners a

    fig2-Modern Team Site Members
    Fig 4: Office 365 – Modern Team Sites – Group membership – listings of current members / owners and option to add new members 
  3. To add new owner, there is two-step process –  we need to add first member and then need promote member as well owners. Click on “Add members” button available on the top of “Group membership” page, it will give option to add colleagues to the group as 

    fig2-Adding Member to modern team site
    Fig 5: Office 365 – Modern Team Sites – Option to add colleagues to the Office 365 Group or Modern Team sites
  4. Once we have added the user/colleague, members list gets updated. We need to promote the respective user as Owner as 

    fig4-Mark member as Owner
    Fig 6: Office 365 – Modern Team Sites – Promoting group member / team member as an Owner

In this way respective user will be added as a team owner and group owner as well.

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