Azure free books to download – Azure Stack and Azure Virtual Datacenter

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In Jan Azure newsletter, just got following two free e-books to download so thought to share:

  1. Azure Stack: Building an end-to-end validation environment –
    • This book is published in Spt 2017
    • This e-book is very small, only around 50 pages and at least read once
    •  Table Of Contents:
      • Introduction
      • Overview and Getting Started
      • Quotas, plans and offers
      • Subscriptions
      • Services
      • Tags, policies and locks
      • Customer Scenarios
  2. Azure Virtual Datacenter : An approach to isolation, security, and trust in the Microsoft cloud –
    • This book is published in Nov 2017
    • This book is as well very small, around 45 pages and at least read once
    • Table Of Contents:
      • What is Azure Virtual Datacenter?
      • How Contoso composes a Trustworthy datacenter
      • The cloud datacenter transformation

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