Office 365 – Tenant Name and Tenant Region

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In one of the previous article : Office 365 – Administrator Roles we discussed about admin roles available for Office 365 users and their responsibilities.  In this article I’ll discuss about few details regarding Tenant Name and Tenant Region. While subscribing Office 365, organisation administrator must know these details.

These details are also better to know for all Office 365 Administrators as well as Office 365 developers.

Tenant Name :

  1.  When we sign up for Office 365 (or any organization sign up for Office 365) we need to specify name. This name will be our tenant name.
  2. Tenant name is in the form of <name> – Here <name> is name assigned to our tenancy.
  3. Tenant name must be unique and two organizations can not share the same tenant name. Important thing is this tenant name is globally signed, this means in two different regions also same tenant name is not shared.
  4. Once our Office 365 subscription is configured we can not change the tenant name. That is why we should be very careful while choosing our tenant name or tenant name of our organization
  5. Even though tenant name is in the form of <name>, after configuring Office 365 we can set up the custom domain. In coming articles we will see how to set up the custom domain.

Tenant Region :

  1. While configuring Office 365, we need to specify the region, generally region should be geographical location of our organization.
  2. This is very important to choose carefully the region, since once Office 365 configured we can not change the region.
  3. Only option to choose the region is to cancel current subscription and then configure new subscription.
  4. Region also determines:
    • Billing currency of our subscription
    • Which services will be available for our sunscription
    • Microsoft data-center which will host our Office 365 resources
    • Taxes that will be applied as a part of our subscription charges

Important point to remember :

  1. While configuring your Office 365 subscription, choose Tenant name and Tenant region very very carefully. Currently there is no way to change the tenant name and tenant region.

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