Eclipse Tool – Setup for automation framework environment in eclipse with protractor tool and node js for angular js application.

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In this article I have discussed about setup for automation of Angular js application using Node Js and Protractor tool. Here sharing basic idea about how to setup Eclipse with protractor tool and also few errors which I have faced while configuration.

[ Note: WebStroms Jet Brains is widely used IDE for such kind of Application but since it is license version, we can also used alternative IDE Eclipse which is open source.]

Configurations Guide: Download and Install the followings :  

1. Eclipse (Kepler, neon or Luna).

2. Node.jsv6.11.4and Install Npm manager and Node js.

3. Open Command prompt “Run as administrator“.

4. Check Node js v6.11.4“, java “1.8.0_144“, npm version “3.10.10“.

5. Now install protractor version 5.1.2 and verify installation steps.

6. To install protractor, open Command prompt and execute this 

“npm install -g protractor”.

7. Now update webdriver “webdriver-manager update“.

8. Then Start the server “webdriver-manager start“.

9. Now install Jasmine “npm install -g jasmine and also verify the version.

Eclipse Guide to set-up protractor

1. Open Eclipse > help > market place > Search for AngularJS Eclipse > Install AngularJS Eclipse version 1.X.X.

2. Create Java Script Project in Project solutions.

3. Add conf.js and spec.js in the java script project which you have created . (Both JS are preloaded inside example folder of protractor directory or you can create by your own).

4. Now Copy Node_modules from “C:\Users\kunal.lunkad\AppData\Roaming\npm(this path is default location for installation of npm manager) and paste into your project OR from command prompt navigate inside this java script directory and execute command :- npm install protractor (this command will load node_modules folder inside your project directory)

5. Convert Java Script Project to Tern Project (Right click on project > Configure > Convert to Tern Project).

6. A new modal window will appear > Select Jasmine & Protractor check box > Apply.

7. Now go to Run configuration of your project (Right click on your project > Run > Run configuration).

8. You would see protractor(in left pane)> Add a new configuration of Protractor > Add path of conf.js (Main tab)> Add path of Working Directory (Main tab) i.e abc project.

9. From the second sub tab which says protractor > Add path of cli.js (this must be with in protractor folder > built > cli.js)

10. Select apply and Run.

11. Now Environment is set up for Test Automation.

 12. Error which I faced: – Error of logger.js >75 – Syntax Error : Unexpected Token…. which is configuration issues and can be solved by downloading latest version of node js i.e v6.11.4.  

13. Latest version should be in this path “C:\Program Files\nodejs”.

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  1. Prabu T says:

    Thanks dude.. worked.

  2. Nived says:


    I am facing the ‘Import token issue in Eclipse” even though using latest npm version(5.6.0) and node.js(8.11.2)

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